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Be prepared to receive the energy of your own Higher Self.

This vibrational healing modality works initially through the chakra and endocrine systems as it clears and reconstructs the energetic vehicle (also called the Light Body, or Merkabah in Hebrew). This field is akin to an electrical grid animated by life force energy within and surrounding the physical body. The activation process organizes and upgrades this energy system and makes it easier for the individual to hold higher frequencies of life force energy, creating a more vibrant level of health and well-being.

This is all important at this time in our collective evolution, as the Earth is receiving almost continuous influxes of high frequency light and our bodies need to be prepared to integrate them. This sounds like fantasy, but it is backed up by physics. The Schumann Resonance, the name for the measurement of the rate of vibration of the Earth, has risen from 8.6 Hertz to over 14 Hertz since 1987. Holding the Christ Template allows us to keep pace with this quickening.

The word Christ refers not to Jesus of Nazareth the man, but to the Christ Consciousness, which is the frequency of Universal Love which Jesus embodied as the Christ, the Spirit which he brought to Earth and which we are only now able to embody ourselves.

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