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Rainbow Vibrational Healing Sessions

Vibrational or energy healing utilizes the natural vital life force, also called prana or chi, which moves both within and outside of the human body, and which exists all around us. Energy healing is a process of clearing and balancing the subtle energetic anatomy, the electro-magnetic field of the body/mind, to enhance well-being and open pathways toward a happier, more productive life. Vibrational healing is not meant to replace, nor does it interfere with, prescribed medications, psychiatric or medical treatment. It can, however, be an effective adjunct to traditional therapies.

Jan's healing methods access the bio-electric systems through both physical and cognitive modalities. These non-invasive yet powerful, cutting-edge techniques activate deep inner processes that induce harmony, alignment, and integration between the four energetic levels - the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Rainbow Vibrational Healing sessions are an individualized synthesis of these advanced modalities, including Transformational Breath™ Therapy, Thought Field Therapy - TFT™ and the Christ Template Activation, along with educational dialogue, and spiritual counsel. Clients are empowered to mobilize the life force, especially during personal crisis, demonstrated by positive changes in vitality, attitude, consciousness, and subjective experience of living.

The work can assist clients to safely:

*reduce stress and increase vitality

*clear and correct restricted breathing habits

*oxygenate and help detoxify the body

*restore a healthy flow of prana or life force through the meridian pathways of the body

*release, restructure, and integrate suppressed subconscious patterns, trauma imprints, psycho-emotional blocks

*raise, alter, and clear low vibrational patterns trapped in the cellular memory

*enhance the feeling of connection with one's Higher Self and spirit

*align with higher faculties and life purpose

Rainbow Vibrational Healing sessions are geared toward the individual energy pattern and personality, so some may involve more dialogue, others more time working with and receiving energy. Clients are fully clothed for all sessions, seated or lying on a bodywork table, and very light touch may be employed with the client's permission. Sessions range from one and a quarter hours to two and one half hours. Throughout therapy, Jan maintains a gentle. respectful environment where clients feel safe and protected as they heal into well-being and conscious self-expression.

For descriptions of the individual modalities, click on these links:

Transformational Breath Therapy

Thought Field Therapy - TFT

Christ Template Activation

New! Sessions enhanced with the BioMat. Read about it here

For more information please contact: jan@overtherainbowservices.com