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"Look to the stars, and from them learn." Albert Einstein

"As above, so below." Horus


If you have never had a professional astrology reading, the volume of information contained in your horoscope will surprise and fascinate you. A reading of your chart can be a fun-filled and transformational step on the path to self-discovery.

People have been using the ancient mathematical science and intuitive art of astrology for over 5,000 years. It is the study of the cycles of time, and of the interaction between celestial energies and terrestrial events. The natal horoscope is a detailed mandala representing an individual's unique energetic imprint at birth. This symbolic map contains all potential aspects of the character, psyche, and soul and accurately describes one's inner and outer responses in every area of life. When clients begin to understand the information in their chart from the perspective of its life force imprint, the energy inherent in the chart is catalyzed, and patterns and blockages may actually start moving toward resolution. Chiron Rising consultations are a comprehensive interpretation and analysis that provide insights which may:

* CLARIFY current life conditions

* IDENTIFY innate gifts and talents

* ASSIST with blocks and transitions

* ILLUMINATE the life path

You will need to provide the date, location, and exact time of birth when making an appointment for a chart reading. In addition you may wish to explore a relationship, a child's chart, updated transits , or your progressed chart. Please allow a few days to a week advance notice to allow for preparation time. Consultations may be in person at the Over the Rainbow Services office or over the telephone. Pricing for Chiron Rising consultations begins at $225.00

COMPUTERIZED ASTROLOGY REPORTS are also available. These are based on the exact birth data and yield much valuable information.

*Basic Natal Report - Signs and Planets only (10+ pages) - $22.00

*Complete Natal Report - Signs, Planets, Aspects, Houses (20+ pages) - $39.00

*Relationship Report - how the charts of two people combine in relationship (25+ pages) - $44.00

*Transit Report - How the planets are affecting you today and 6 months into the future - more effective if you know your natal chart already (20+ pages) $33.00



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