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Thank you for your continued interest in Over the Rainbow Services and for the referral of family and friends. May the Christ Light shine brightly within you every day.

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Fee for 1 1/2 hour Christ Template/Rainbow Healing Session is $125 
Extra time is billed on the basis of $80 per hour
I accept PayPal, check or money order, payable on the day of the session
 I am currently offering remote sessions by phone, Face-time or Zoom

PLEASE NOTE: Payments for sessions may be made through PayPal by clicking on the logo to the left, however ONLY payments from a PayPal validated bank account are accepted. Credit card or debit card payments are not accepted at this time. Only the Christ Template Group session amount is specified, but you may make payments in any amount directly to the e-mail address listed.

Contact: jan@overtherainbowservices.com