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This work is experiential, so that even this detailed description doesn't do it justice. Try it, you'll be amazed!

An integrative healing process based on sustained rhythmic breathing which creates a high-frequency energy flow throughout the physical and subtle energetic anatomies, resulting in profound clearing of the entire mind/body system. A session is comprised of three phases. The time spent in each phase varies from individual to individual and from session to session.

First, on the physical level, the oxygenation naturally catalyzes a healing and detoxifying response in organs and tissues. The condition of hypoxia, or oxygen starvation, is one of the underlying causes of many degenerative diseases, including aging.

Next, as the physical system detoxifies and regains some vitality, the energetic systems, which include the emotional, mental and etheric bodies, are activated, clearing psycho-emotional blocks, trauma imprints, fears, and subconscious memories of all kinds trapped in the cells, which we call cellular memory.

Third, after initial clearing of the cellular memory, the potential is created for a reconnection with the spiritual level, the spirit within, soul or God, and previously untapped higher faculties.

Transformational Breath™ can relieve physical symptoms as well as alter or eliminate ingrained patterns, opening the door to healthier choices and happier outcomes. An initial series of three sessions with integration time between, is recommended to open the respiration, begin to clear and balance the systems, and receive the fuller benefits of this remarkable process.

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