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As we move further into the new millennium, humanity is undergoing an undprecedented expansion in consciousness. Sociologists, historians, religious and politcal leaders, educators, and scientists generally agree that many of the collective structures we have relied upon in the past are in need of transformation to keep up with the the pace of personal and global change. For a very long time, we have collectively ignored much of our innate human potential, creating serious imbalances which are reflected in Western society. An over-emphasis on the intellectual and/or the physical at the expense of the emotional and spiritual aspects of life has splintered our life force, and the split has become painful. On the collective level, the educational and medical care institutions are two large societal systems in the process of reform to accomodate the whole human being. At the individual level, people are responding to an inner directive to grow and then to share their experience with others. In order to adjust to the accelerated evolutionary forces permeating our environment, we may each undertake a personal transformative journey of self-education into healing to address these internal and external imperatives.

Traditional education has been overwhelmingly auditory and language-based, developing primarily the intellect. Educators now understand that children learn through all the sensory channels, particularly in early childhood. In school, children whose primary learning mode is not auditory struggle to compensate in order to keep up, while others are not reached at all. Even strong students miss out on the development of their other senses, leading later to what Thom Hartmann, author of five best-selling books on learning, calls 'attentional ossification", being stuck in one sensory modality. Many come to dislike learning, leaving them with a reduced ability to discover and enjoy their many options. Academic subjects, unlike life, are specialized and presented separately, mirroring our divided consciousness.

Western medicine, progressing along the same lines, has been largely allopathic, alleviating the specific symptoms of disease without regard to the underlying interaction between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, also called bodies. Certainly acute symptoms require treatment, but when treated for symptoms alone, many patients do not respond and others get well for a time, then relapse or develop new ailments. Health is a state of balance or homeostasis in and among all of the bodies. Illness is the result of ignoring one or more levels in favor of just one or two, creating imbalance in the entire energetic system. Eventually, parallel to attentional ossification, the ability to utilize energy in one or more parts of the body/mind may be lost altogether, resulting in chronic illness and even death.

Thankfully, we are now moviing toward a synthesis; of currricula and learning modes in schools, and of Western allopathic medicine with Eastern wholistic healing traditions. Multi-sensory models of education such as Montessori and Waldorf are gaining recognition. These systems approach learning in an integrated way, accessing the auditory, the tactile, the visual, and the kinesthetic channels, stimulating the intellect, the body, the emotions, and the imagination or spirit. Alternative healing therapies, introduced to mainstream medicine by pioneers like Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, and Jon Kabat-Zinn, address helath in much the same way, touching many levels of the human body, mind, and spirit simultaneously. Yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture and accupressure, and hypnotherapy are some of the more familiar modalities gaining wide acceptance as complements to conventional medical practices. Cutting edge energy and vibrational healing methods being developed today incorporate the latest advances in neurobiology and the human electromagnetic field into this East/West, ancient/modern blend.

Our own breath, which carries the life force, is a powerful energetic vehicle for health and well-being, employed for centuries by Eastern practitioners and recently being embraced by Western researchers. The Transformational Breath™ is one of the newest integrated healing processes which helps people to access underutilized energy channels and to achieve balance through sustained consciously directed breathing. After the initial clearing of restricted breathing patterns, this natural technology creates a high frequency energy current which oxygenates and detoxifies the body at the cellular level and then helps to release or restructure energy blockages of all kinds as it integrates the higher vibration into the energy field. Positive results are demonstrated by changes in the subjective experience of life: increased energy, resolution of stress and trauma, a more loving attitude, and for many, expanded consciousness.

Thought Field Therapy-TFT™ is another clinically-researched therapeutic treatment desinged to clear the body/mind system of emotional and phsyical distress. Negative energy states triggered by unhealthy thoughts, environmental stress, or toxic substances interrupt the flow of vital life force throughout the body causing unwanted emotional reactions and physical pain. TFT™ is a proven technique whcih utilizes the same meridian system employed in acupuncture to redirect harmful energy currents, restoring a healthy flow and thereby reducing or eliminating disruptive patterns at their source. These are but two of a growing number of dynamic new approaches to health and well-being that can quickly and effectively relieve a wide variety of psycho-emotional, educational, and physical challenges. They can assist us to actualize more of our innate capabilities and to participate more joyfully in life. These modalities acknowledge that we are more than our bodies and more than even our minds - we are, in fact, 'multidimensional'. As we continue to develop through integrative education and healing into whole, conscious human beings, we will be empowered to heal the divisions in our culture in the new century, and eventually to recreate our world home.

Jan Evans, B.S., C.T.F., offers these and other energy modalities at Over the Rainbow Services in Ridgefield CT. For an appointment, call (203) 431-7759.

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