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This is an excerpt from an article in the New York Times Book Review, October 27, 2005.

... "These kids are so extremely stressed from the academic load they're carrying and how cloistered they are and how they have to live under the watchful eye of their parents," Dr. Mogel said, "they have no kid space."

Paradoxically, she said, parental over-involvement in their children's lives today often hides a very basic kind of indifference to their children's real need, simply to be kids. "There are all these blurry boundaries, she said. "They need to do fifth-grade-level math in third grade and have every pleasure and indulgence of adulthood in childhood and they act like kids and we get mad."

If stress and strain, self-centeredness and competition are the pathogens underlying the rash of rudeness perceived to be endemic among children in America today, then the cure, some experts said, has to be systemic and not topical. Stop blaming the children, they said. Stop focusing on the surface level behavior and start curing instead the social, educational and parental ills fhat feed it.

This may mean less "quality" time with children and more time getting them to do things they don't want to do, like sitting for meals, making polite conversation, and - Madonna was right - picking clothes up off the floor." ...

Writer Judith Warner is the author, most recently, of "Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety. "She is also the host of "The Judith Warner Show" on XM satellite radio.

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